In a country where a certain ‘joie de vivre’ is all­important, chocolate logically became one of its most well-known ambassadors.
Indeed, it comes as no surprise that Belgian chocolate conquered the world and stole the hearts of so many.
Over the last 30 years, one of Belgium’s main producers and exporters has been Duc d'O Chocolaterie.

Irresistible jewels…

In 1983, Mr. Hendrik Verhelst, a keen chocolate lover, made his dream come true when he founded his own chocolate production company, Duc d'O Chocolaterie. Immediately from the start, his mission was to provide consumers with high quality products at an affordable price. A clear and simple strategy that paid off, as he saw double digit growth almost every year. His son, Paul Henri Verhelst, took over the leadership of Duc d’O and brought it into the 21st century. Since 2014 Ducd’O is part of the Baronie Group, a strong international group producing top­quality chocolate at ten production sites. Baronie is among the biggest chocolate manufacturers in the Netherlands & Belgium. Within this constellation the brand Duc d’O is now able to further strengthen its position in retail and uphold its reputation as the largest producer of flaked truffles all over the world

Duc d'O and Belgium

As one of our country’s most important chocolate producers, Duc d'O takes pride in being a truly Belgian product, says CEO Eddy Walraevens. I think 'made in Belgium' is a synonym for quality, innovation and luxury. That is why we pay great importance to our Belgian roots and the craftsmanship with which our products are made, with genuine and honest ingredients, according to well-preserved and authentic recipes ... Duc d'O, that’s tasting of Belgian craftsmanship.